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Sorry these are so late! Here are banners for our winners of Challenge 102 (Learn to Fly lyrics) and 103 (favorite Trek scenes)!

Challenge 102 )

Challenge 103 )
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Congrats to our winners! Thank you for participating and voting!

An our winners are... )
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We need to break a tie for First and Second Place in Challenge 102: Learn to Fly lyrics!

Please vote for one icon! This will determine first and second place. There will be no third place, as there were less than 10 entries (and thus, so many ties!), but there will still be a Galaxy Class (mod's choice) selection.

Tie-Breaker: Vote for ONE

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We had fewer participants this round, so hopefully a free choice challenge (Challenge 103 - favorite scene) will encourage icon making!!

For now, let's vote for Challenge 102! Thank you for your icons, everyone!

Learn to Fly )
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Our next challenge is a lyric challenge, focusing on the song Learn to Fly by Carbon Leaf.

The lyrics are broad enough to allow for subtle relation to the text, or direct relation--whatever you feel! The only requirement is that icons MUST include at least 3 consecutive words from the lyrics.

For example, "hello, goodbye" is not enough text, but "rain in my heart" is fine.

Be creative! No caps provided this time, but please use the resources listed on the sidebar.

- You may enter up to 4 (four) icons for this challenge.
- Only members may enter.
- The same cap may be used more than once provided the crop is significantly different.
- At least 3 (three) consecutive lyrics must be included in the icon.

the usual, but please remember:
- All icons must fit LJ req's: 100 x 100, 40k, and PNG, JPG or GIF format.
- Animation, brushes, any caps (no promo/actor images) from Trekverse are allowed.
- All icons must be original to THIS challenge.
- Icons must remain anonymous until after voting.
- Submit your icons to THIS post in a screened comment with URL and image.

- Icons due Sunday, April 11, 10 pm EST.

Learn to Fly by Carbon Leaf )


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