Dec. 10th, 2010 11:45 pm
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Here are some banners, thank you so much for your patience! Congrats again to all the winners!

Banners for Challenge 128 )

Banners for Challenge 129 )

Banners for Challenge 130 )
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Thanks for helping us break ties this round! Congrats to our winners, we had a great group of triumphant icons!

Victory is upon us... )
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We need to break a tie for third place for Challenge 129! Please vote for ONE ICON, and if your icon is included, DO NOT VOTE! Thanks!

Voting will close Sunday, November 28 at 10 pm, so you have about 24 hours to vote! :D


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Time to vote for our favorite triumphant moments of the Trekverse! Thanks to all the participants!

- Vote for your favorite THREE icons in order of preference.
- Comment to THIS post with your votes; comments are screened.
- Do NOT vote for yourself. Do NOT ask others to vote for you or vote for an icon just because you think you know who made it.
- You do not have to be a member to vote. Please vote if you participated, or are a member!
- Remember: votes are weighted. First place gets three points, second place gets two points, third gets one point.

-Voting is open until Friday, November 26, 5 pm EST.

We are the champions, my friends... )
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This week's challenge comes from the suggestions thread. Please continue to submit great ideas!!

Our challenge will focus on TRIUMPH! Victorious moments on any Trek show or film is fine. Since, generally, the good guys win on Star Trek, let's highlight those great moments in our icons!

These can be little or big triumphs! Please feel free to be creative and interpretive. For example, as Hoshi overcomes her fear of flying and space in Enterprise, that's a triumph. Defeating Khan in Star Trek II is another triumph! These can be with main characters, from main plotlines, or side plots or little achievements. Let's give our favorite characters some respect and recognition for their deeds!

- You may enter up to 4 (four) icons for this challenge.
- Only members may enter.
- The same cap may be used more than once provided the crop is significantly different.
- Use screen captures from ANY Trek film or series.

the usual, but please remember:
- All icons must fit LJ req's: 100 x 100, 40k, and PNG, JPG or GIF format.
- Animation, brushes, text, textures, any caps are allowed.
- All icons must be original to THIS challenge.
- Icons must remain anonymous until after voting.
- Submit your icons to THIS post in a screened comment with URL and image.

- Icons due Sunday, November 21 Monday, November 22, 10 pm EST
I'll be out of town until Monday evening, so please enjoy the extension!

No images this week...if you need ideas or help, feel free to message the mod. Or if you have great ideas for triumphant moments, comment them here and I'll unscreen to help out others! : )


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