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Thanks for your patience on these - here are winners' banners for the past several challenges!

Challenge 137 )

Challenge 138 )

Challenge 139 )

Challenge 140 )
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Thanks for helping us break the tie for our anger challenge! We had a great group of icons this round! Congrats to our winners...so much anger! :D

RAWR! Anger in space! )
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Just a quick tie to break for our anger challenge. Vote for ONE ICON by Sunday, February 13 at 10 pm EST!

Don't vote for yourself, don't ask others to vote for you, if your icon is include, DO NOT VOTE! You know, the standard. :D


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Time to vote on our ANGER icons! Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

- Vote for your favorite THREE icons in order of preference.
- Comment to THIS post with your votes; comments are screened.
- Do NOT vote for yourself. Do NOT ask others to vote for you or vote for an icon just because you think you know who made it.
- You do not have to be a member to vote. Please vote if you participated, or are a member!
- Remember: votes are weighted. First place gets three points, second place gets two points, third gets one point.

-Voting is open until Friday, February 11 at 10 pm EST

Angry icons under here )
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This week, we’ll have a theme challenge, focusing on an emotion. We haven’t done anger yet, so let’s icon that! There’s lots of moments throughout all the Trek series and films that our favorite characters get a bit angry - think fights, mutinies, alternate realities, and the brig for examples!

We’ll include the full range of anger - from irritation to irate, just make sure it’s clear in the icon that someone is NOT pleased or happy!

Feel free to use any moment from any Trek series or film - no promo pics this round. Have questions or need help finding images? Message me!

- You may enter up to 4 (four) icons for this challenge.
- Only members may enter.
- The same cap may be used more than once provided the crop is significantly different.
- Use only screen captures, no promo/actor images. Make sure you convey some form of ANGER!

the usual, but please remember:
- All icons must fit LJ req's: 100 x 100, 40k, and PNG, JPG or GIF format.
- Animation, brushes, any caps are allowed.
- All icons must be original to THIS challenge.
- Icons must remain anonymous until after voting.
- Submit your icons to THIS post in a screened comment with URL and image.

- Icons due Sunday, February 6, 10 pm EST.


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