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I apologize for failing to post a reminder for this challenge. As a result, we don't have many entries, and I will extend the challenge for one week. Please enter Challenge 309: Characters with Y & Z Names by April 16 at 10 pm EDT. Thanks!!!
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This week, we'll have a character challenge. Please icon characters whose names begin with Y or Z. Other characters may be in the icon, but they must not be the focus of the icon.

For a list of character ideas, feel free to use this Wiki list, scroll down for Y and Z! You may icon other characters if you know them too!

Please do include the character names in your submission. Thank you!

- You may enter up to 4 (four) icons for this challenge.
- Only members may enter.
- The same cap may be used more than once provided the crop is significantly different.
- Use only screen captures, no promo/actor images.

the usual, but please remember:
- All icons must fit LJ req's: 100 x 100, 40k, and PNG, JPG or GIF format.
- Animation, textures, brushes, text, any caps are allowed.
- All icons must be original to THIS challenge.
- Icons must remain anonymous until after voting.
- Submit your icons to THIS post in a screened comment with URL and image.

Feel free to use this form. Just replace URL with the direct link.

- Icons due Sunday, April 9, 10 pm EDT.


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