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Hello all -

I know there have been a lot of changes around LJ lately, with the new terms and SSL changes. As a result, many folks have opted to switch to After discussing with some more tech-savvy friends and checking things out, I too have decided to move to DW. It has taken quite some time to get my personal journals and communities moved - and I'm still working on some of them. I have moved my mod account with the same name, djmustangsally and have moved the entire community of of Trekicontest over to DW.

Challenge 308 will be the last one on LJ. Once voting is completed as of Friday, May 12, I will be closing this community and focusing on the community via Dreamwidth. It won't be immediate, but I will shortly be completely shutting this community down. Everything is preserved in DW, and I will continue to work on my banner backlog over there. If you choose not to make the move, but would like to receive your banners, please private message me with your email address.

I would encourage everyone to continue their iconing and stay with the community (you will have to rejoin, but please do!) in Dreamwidth. It is a more secure and accepting community that will protect your privacy and is very open about its programming and policies.

I look forward to continuing our icon challenges in DW, and I'll look for you all over at Trekicontest on DW by this weekend!

Thanks for your understanding. Thanks for keeping this community going and I hope to create more Trek icons with you all again soon!

Sally / djmustangsally / harmony033 / your mod :)
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