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Hello all -

I know there have been a lot of changes around LJ lately, with the new terms and SSL changes. As a result, many folks have opted to switch to After discussing with some more tech-savvy friends and checking things out, I too have decided to move to DW. It has taken quite some time to get my personal journals and communities moved - and I'm still working on some of them. I have moved my mod account with the same name, djmustangsally and have moved the entire community of of Trekicontest over to DW.

Challenge 308 will be the last one on LJ. Once voting is completed as of Friday, May 12, I will be closing this community and focusing on the community via Dreamwidth. It won't be immediate, but I will shortly be completely shutting this community down. Everything is preserved in DW, and I will continue to work on my banner backlog over there. If you choose not to make the move, but would like to receive your banners, please private message me with your email address.

I would encourage everyone to continue their iconing and stay with the community (you will have to rejoin, but please do!) in Dreamwidth. It is a more secure and accepting community that will protect your privacy and is very open about its programming and policies.

I look forward to continuing our icon challenges in DW, and I'll look for you all over at Trekicontest on DW by this weekend!

Thanks for your understanding. Thanks for keeping this community going and I hope to create more Trek icons with you all again soon!

Sally / djmustangsally / harmony033 / your mod :)
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So, after another medical setback and a complete computer crash, we are finally back up and ready to go!

First order of business, I have reopened the last challenge we were running: 307: Green. Please enter this challenge, it's only open this week! It closes Sunday, March 26 at 10 pm EST.

The next challenge is also open... 308: Free For All! This challenge has a little extra time, it closes Sunday, April 2, 10 pm EST.

Thanks, everyone for your well wishes and understanding. I look forward to iconing with you all again soon!

Mod Update

Feb. 20th, 2017 11:35 pm
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Hello everyone! Happy 2017!

My deepest apologies for not updating for these past couple of months. I am very sorry I did not keep up with the community and update everyone as we started the new year.

Unfortunately, I have had some serious health issues since the holidays. After numerous tests and seeing new doctors, I am finally starting to get back to normal…or getting used to what the new normal will be. I am also starting a new training program for work, so I'll be settling into a better routine very soon. Unfortunately, with all these changes - some good, some not so great - I was unable to keep up with the community these past couple of months. That WILL be changing soon!

I will be getting caught up on the last open challenges. I will also get 2017 started with an open challenge, so get those creative juices flowing! Stay tuned, and before the end of the month we'll be getting back to a regular challenge schedule. Thank you so much for your continued interest and involvement with our fun and fabulous community! Thank you especially for your patience and understanding with me!

All the best,
Sally :)
trekicontest mod / harmony033 / djmustangsally
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A quick note - these challenges are closed, and the voting for 296 is closed. I will be posting voting for 297 and results for 296 tomorrow. My apologies for the delay. I appreciate your patience, and can't wait to see the 50th Anniversary Celebration icons from everyone! Thanks everyone!!
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I was having some trouble seeing comments this weekend…several are coming in as spam, which is unusual. If you have submitted icons for Challenge 293 would you please comment to THIS post please? I don't want to miss anyone!

Due to this issue, and my lack of a reminder post, I will also allow an additional 24 hours to enter this challenge. The challenge will now close Monday, August 15 at 10 pm EDT.

Please post submissions to the original challenge post HERE. Thank you so much, I look forward to those icons!

UPDATE: I believe I have recovered all the entries. I will post voting later today (Wednesday), apologies for the delay. You may still enter until you see the "CLOSED" comment on the original submission page. Thanks!
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Thank you for your participation in Challenge 292 - we have lots of great icons to vote on this round!

I appreciate everyone's patience with me as well. I have been very ill this week, and have not been able to update the comm. Thanks for keeping on top of me and for your continued interest - the next challenge will be posted tonight or tomorrow, with an ending date of August 14 (NOTE the additional time!).

My apologies for falling off the schedule, but again, thank you everyone!!
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My deepest apologies for dropping the ball this week. Life got hectic and I am very sorry for not updating our challenges!

As a result, I am extending Challenge 289: Rotation/Tilt for ONE WEEK to hopefully have at least 2 more entries before I post voting next Sunday. This challenge will now close Sunday, June 12 at 10 pm EDT.

I will be posting Challenge 290 shortly, and it will run concurrently with 289.
I've posted Challenge 290: Science now!

If you haven't participated in either, please try for both! If you have participated in 289, here's something shiny and new to try out!

Thanks for your understanding, and I look forward to your icons!!
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To make things a little more exciting during this special 50th Anniversary year of Star Trek, I am introducing a new voting category for some of our challenges.

In addition to voting for your top 3 choices for icons, sometimes we will ALSO include a vote for a "top Trek" icon. (note - the formal name is TBD, I've got some ideas I'm still deciding between!)

This new category will be for whichever icon you feel best represents the theme and spirit of the icon challenge and portrays the essence of Star Trek.

This is a special category that will have only one winner per challenge. Sometimes winners may overlap winning in this special category and in the first/second/third places. Icons will NOT overlap with mod's choice, the Galaxy Class award.

Watch for this new category of voting to come up with our current challenge, 287: Gene Roddenberry.
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Hello everyone!

My deepest apologies for such an unexpectedly long hiatus. I ended up having surgery immediately before the holidays, which put me out of commission for quite some time. I have been focused on my recovery, which is very slow-going and continuing even now. Only this past month have I returned to a somewhat regular work schedule, which has been a little overwhelming on top of everything. I do apologize for not updating the community, and hope that everyone is still just as excited as I am to make Star Trek icons for LJ!!!

I would like to reopen our iconing with an open challenge. We'll be doing a lot of fun theme challenges this year, as it is officially the 50th anniversary year of Star Trek! If you have ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them as well!

I've also refreshed our profile page with our Number Ones from our 4th Special Challenge last year. Thanks to [ profile] linstock and [ profile] mareel for our lovely banners and icons! We'll have a 50th Anniversary Special Challenge coming up soon as well, so stay tuned!

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm everyone! Keep your eye on [ profile] trekicontest for the next challenge and lots of winners and banners!

~Sally / djmustangsally / harmony033
Your limping mod :)
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Hello all! This announcement is to let everyone know [ profile] trekicontest will be halting all challenges for a temporary hiatus through December 2015. New challenges will resume with the new year, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, though, we will still be voting on Challenge 285, and I'll be posting winners from Challenges 283 and 284 - if you haven't voted yet, PLEASE do!

I'll be working on the banner backlog during this hiatus, so keep a lookout for those as well.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season and new year! Much love to you all!

* * * * *

For a holiday read, enjoy this fun and thoughtful blog entry on the presence-or-lack-thereof of Christmas in the Trekverse.

And for a great laugh and a fun song, enjoy this "Make It So" new holiday classic tune!

Merry Everything! :)
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I am going to extend the current challenge, 256: Family for ONE WEEK. The challenge will close next Sunday, December 7 at 10 pm EST.

Please enter if you can! This will be the last challenge for 2014. We will resume regular weekly challenges in 2015. This will allow everyone a little break to relax and rejuvenate their creativity and start fresh and ready to go in the new year!!!

In the meantime, I hope to see lots of family icons and suggestions from you all! I want to have some new and exciting challenges all lined up for the new year - so if you have ideas, submit them to our suggestions thread!
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I would like some input from all you love Trek icon creators! This is an incredibly busy time of the year, and I will admit I have had a difficult autumn keeping up with the schedule as my work and home life have gotten increasingly crazy over the past couple of weeks. As a result, I would like to know from all of you - would you mind a brief hiatus until the start of 2015?

I want your input, please!

**If the majority wants to participate and continue to make icons like regular, I will continue to post challenges!

**If the majority wants to take a short break and return to the comm in January 2015, I will take a break, compile new ideas and challenges, and be ready to go in 2015!

Please let me know in the comments (they will still be screened) what your thoughts are on this matter. I will leave this open for the week, and will close it next Sunday. I love this comm and I really enjoy running and participating in the challenges - I don't want to lose everyone, just trying to balance everything!

Thanks for all your support, creativity, and participation, everyone!! :)
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Hello to all the wonderful and loyal members of [ profile] trekicontest!

I am so sorry to be writing this message. I deeply apologize for falling off LJ and abandoning the comm, and you all, for the past month. I will not excuse it, although there has been plenty of work/family/computer issues that have occurred over the past month, I should have not shirked my mod responsibilities. I am very, very sorry.

I have NOT quit the comm, and I hope you will all come back and give it (and me!) another chance as well! I am especially sorry to the participant in Challenge 247 for letting this one sit for so long. I am reopening that challenge, and will present another challenge, so we'll have two going this week to get us kickstarted again!

I will also post the winners from Challenge 246. Thank you for your patience!

Lastly, I am very behind on making banners. I really enjoy making them, however, I am a bit overwhelmed. Would anyone be interested in helping me make some of the winners banners? You can see some old banners to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. If the idea of doing a little artsy graphics project appeals to you, please drop me a note! Thanks in advance!

Again, I am so sorry to have failed for the past month, and do promise to do better!! Please always feel free to email/message me with ideas or suggestions, challenges, a reminder, anything! I enjoy making the Trek icon challenges, and love seeing what incredible icons everyone creates! Now let's get back to the iconing! :)

Your humble mod,
Sally (aka [ profile] djmustangsally / [ profile] harmony033)

Mod Note

Nov. 17th, 2013 11:50 pm
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Hi everyone,

Apologies for not being quite up on the comm for the past couple of weeks. I've had some RL family and medical issues going on, and have not been consistently on the internet as I usually am. I will be closing the current (already extended) challenge, 232: Pop of Color this week. Feel free to continue entering that challenge until it is officially closed! Keep an eye out for updates and info - apologies for not having a new challenge posted yet. I will have one up this week as well, and will adjust the schedule as needed.

Thanks for your understanding, patience, and participation! I will see you all in a day or two as I get things sorted out.

~ Sally / djmustangsally / your loyal mod :)
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Hi everyone, my apologies For being absent for this past week or so. My computer has been giving me some serious issues and I haven't been able to properly access the Internet or even most of my files lately (I'm doing this via my phone app!). Please continue to vote on challenge 221 and please still enter challenge 222: humans only! I am leaving both up and open until I have proper access again.

Again, my apologies- and thank you for your participation and your patience!!!

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My deep apologies for not reminding or updating things this past week. I was out of town and away from a computer for much of that time, and unfortunately was unable to post here. I am SO sorry, everyone!!!

If people are still interested, I will leave the current challenge, 209: Negative Space open for ONE MORE WEEK, until Sunday, March 17 at 10 pm EST. We don't have enough entries to go to voting yet, so please make some negative space icons when you can!!

I will also leave the voting open for for Challenge 208 for one more day, until tomorrow, Monday afternoon sometime. I have changed the numbers - there is still NO #5, but there are no longer 2 #9s! If you need to alter your vote, please do so! If you have not yet voted, PLEASE VOTE! Sorry for that confusion!

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and I look forward to getting back to the comm this week!!!
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I apologize for not having Challenge 190 voting up yet. I'm having some trouble with the icon table generator I use. I will try again with it tomorrow, or else find a new one.

In any case, do feel free to still enter Challenge 190 until tomorrow. Any new entry will be accepted!

Again, apologies! The new challenge is up, though, so please check it out!!
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Attention: Challenge 188 is CLOSED. I am having trouble getting the comment to post, but submission has stopped. Voting will be posted shortly.

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There have been a few concerns and issues over the past few weeks regarding the community rules and standards. I've adjusted them a bit (bolded some important parts to make it easier!), so I would very much appreciate it if everyone would take a brief moment to re-familiarize themselves with the community rules, located on the profile.

Please remember, this is an open community for ANY Trek fans to join in. I ask that we keep it friendly, and keep it PG-rated. This doesn't mean we can't use subtext or be clever, but let's be respectful as well.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate your time and participation! You are what makes the community fun!!
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This is a mod post letting you know that I have taken over [ profile] sttos_stills as its current maintainer, [ profile] nekhbet_ariane no longer wants to run the challenges.

I will run it on the same schedule as [ profile] trekicontest, to make it easier for me, but the challenges will be different. If you're not already a member of [ profile] sttos_stills, please stop by and think about joining! I would appreciate any input and suggestions from members and interested parties!

The current challenge at [ profile] sttos_stills is black and white icons. It would be great if we could have one or two more participants to go to voting. Since I'm just taking over the comm, it will remain open until Friday, September 10 at 5 pm EST. Voting will go up immediately after the challenge closes.


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