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I apologize for failing to post a reminder for this challenge. As a result, we don't have many entries, and I will extend the challenge for one week. Please enter Challenge 309: Characters with Y & Z Names by April 16 at 10 pm EDT. Thanks!!!
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I'll post the voting for Challenge 305 and Challenge 306 tomorrow, December 12 by 10 pm EST. If you would still like to enter icons for these challenges, please do! The challenges will close when I prep for voting and comment with "CLOSED."
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I failed to get a reminder posted this weekend, so I will extend the current challenge, 298: 50th Anniversary of Star Trek for 48 hours. PLEASE consider entering!

I encourage using images and text from RL celebrating the 50th anniversary and using images surrounding the 50th to try something new. If you'd like to icon celebratory images from the Trekverse, that's great too! We want to celebrate all things Trek!

The challenge will now close Wednesday, September 28 at 10 pm EDT. Voting will go up shortly after that.

The next challenge will be posted shortly, stay tuned!
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I was having some trouble seeing comments this weekend…several are coming in as spam, which is unusual. If you have submitted icons for Challenge 293 would you please comment to THIS post please? I don't want to miss anyone!

Due to this issue, and my lack of a reminder post, I will also allow an additional 24 hours to enter this challenge. The challenge will now close Monday, August 15 at 10 pm EDT.

Please post submissions to the original challenge post HERE. Thank you so much, I look forward to those icons!

UPDATE: I believe I have recovered all the entries. I will post voting later today (Wednesday), apologies for the delay. You may still enter until you see the "CLOSED" comment on the original submission page. Thanks!
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This week, we're going to take another week for Star Trek Beyond icons. I'm extending Challenge 292 for one week. Please enter the challenge at the main submission post HERE. The challenge will now close July 31 at 10 pm EDT.
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We do not have enough entries yet to post Challenge 291: In Honor of Anton Yelchin voting. I have extended the challenge until Wednesday, July 6 at 10 pm EDT. PLEASE participate if you have a chance. This should allow folks the weekend, plus some time past the Independence Day holiday in the States, if you are celebrating. Thanks, all!

The next challenge, 292, will be posted soon, so keep an eye! If I'm a little late posting, please forgive me, I am traveling some this weekend to celebrate the holiday with family.

Thanks, all, and I look forward to seeing your creative icons!
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My deepest apologies for dropping the ball this week. Life got hectic and I am very sorry for not updating our challenges!

As a result, I am extending Challenge 289: Rotation/Tilt for ONE WEEK to hopefully have at least 2 more entries before I post voting next Sunday. This challenge will now close Sunday, June 12 at 10 pm EDT.

I will be posting Challenge 290 shortly, and it will run concurrently with 289.
I've posted Challenge 290: Science now!

If you haven't participated in either, please try for both! If you have participated in 289, here's something shiny and new to try out!

Thanks for your understanding, and I look forward to your icons!!
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My fault for not getting reminders posted - plus we don't have enough entries to post voting yet! Please enter Challenge 281: Computer Quotes by Sunday, October 25 at 10 pm EST. We definitely need more entries!

Remember, you can make text-only OR image-and-text icons, they just MUST include a quote from the Star Trek computers!

Thanks, everyone!
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I'm extending the sickbay scene challenge for 24 hours, it will now close TOMORROW, June 8 at 10 pm EST. Please participate if you can!

Thanks, all!
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I am going to extend the current challenge, 256: Family for ONE WEEK. The challenge will close next Sunday, December 7 at 10 pm EST.

Please enter if you can! This will be the last challenge for 2014. We will resume regular weekly challenges in 2015. This will allow everyone a little break to relax and rejuvenate their creativity and start fresh and ready to go in the new year!!!

In the meantime, I hope to see lots of family icons and suggestions from you all! I want to have some new and exciting challenges all lined up for the new year - so if you have ideas, submit them to our suggestions thread!
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This week's challenge is extended for ONE WEEK. Please enter the current challenge, 251: Brown by Sunday, October 5 by 10 pm EDT.

Thanks to those that have participated already - but I do always like to have at least three different submissions before posting voting!
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Hi everyone -

I had to work late tonight and am just getting home. My apologies for being late, and not getting a reminder up. Since I couldn't get online earlier, I am leaving Challenge 249: Non-Humanoid Characters open for one extra day. The challenge will now close Monday, September 8 at 10 pm EST. Please enter if you can! We can also use more entries!! :)

And remember, if you need ideas, use the great list of non-humanoid species as listed on Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki.

I will be posting the new challenge for this week soon, and results for the earlier challenges.
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I have extended the last challenge, 247: Text. The challenge will now close next Sunday, August 24 at 10 pm EST. You may use ANY Trek images, you just MUST add some form of text to the icon.

Stay tuned for the next challenge, to run concurrently with 247, and for the winners of 246!
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I'm extending the current challenge, 239: Cropping for ONE WEEK. We did not receive any entries this week, and I hope we get some soon! The challenge will now close Sunday, April 6 at 10 pm EST.

I'll tally up the votes and post winners for Challenge 238 and Special Challenge 3 tomorrow (Monday). Thanks for your participation, everyone!
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We have not received enough entries to go to voting yet, so I'm extending Challenge 227: Children for one week. The challenge will now close next Sunday, September 22 at 10 pm EST.

You may feature children of any species in your icons! Other characters (adult, animal, etc.) may be included, but the focus must be on the children.
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I've posted a mini extension for Challenge 218: Full Icon Space. You have an additional 24 hours to create icons for this challenge! Please still submit if you would like!

I will be posting a new challenge as well, which will run on the regular schedule for one week.
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My deep apologies for not reminding or updating things this past week. I was out of town and away from a computer for much of that time, and unfortunately was unable to post here. I am SO sorry, everyone!!!

If people are still interested, I will leave the current challenge, 209: Negative Space open for ONE MORE WEEK, until Sunday, March 17 at 10 pm EST. We don't have enough entries to go to voting yet, so please make some negative space icons when you can!!

I will also leave the voting open for for Challenge 208 for one more day, until tomorrow, Monday afternoon sometime. I have changed the numbers - there is still NO #5, but there are no longer 2 #9s! If you need to alter your vote, please do so! If you have not yet voted, PLEASE VOTE! Sorry for that confusion!

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and I look forward to getting back to the comm this week!!!
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I've extended the current challenge, 192: Roatation/Tilt for ONE WEEK, since we didn't have at least 3 submissions to go to voting. Please enter this challenge by August 26 at 10 pm EST!
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Well, we had one person enter so far, so I'm going to extend this challenge for ONE WEEK.

Please enter Challenge 143: Leadership by Sunday, March 20, at 10 pm EST! Have fun and be creative with this challenge - it is open to your interpretation of leadership in Trek!

It seems that participation has abruptly dropped off....I want to make sure everything is okay! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please drop me a note! I'm always open to comments, so please let me know! Thanks!


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